If these walls could talk, they’d say there is life beyond soul-crushing government work.

It was five minutes until the Sunday meet-and-greet and I was meditating to slow my heart rate down. I was that nervous, but I felt the love right away and I’m so honored to have met such great and talented people.

As the apprentice digital editor, I didn’t know what to expect as it was not as defined as the reporting assignments.. Looking back, I wish I would not have guarded my resources so much, saving my mental energy for the end. I wish I would have been more brazen about observing the reporting teams and sponging off knowledge from all the mentors in addition to capturing all the action that was taking place. But my heart is still so full from the experience and I’m glad to have this network for life.

There’s been a lot of turmoil in my head and my heart over the past two years, turmoil I carried with me going into grad school. Along with the pandemic, that turmoil has all but prevented me from finishing my graduate work. This program was just the wake up call I needed. This week, I proved to myself that I’m still a fighter. That I’m still a lightning fast learner. That there is life beyond pain, and that I don’t have to settle, in my professional life or otherwise. So to be able to rise even just a tiny bit above the uncertainty is something I’m very proud of.