I was nervous to even apply for Next Generation Radio because I wasn’t sure if I’d make the cut. It took a lot of people to encourage me to apply, and I am so glad I did. It was honestly a life changing experience. At the end of a hard week people usually feel tired and ready for their weekend to start. On the contrary, I wish this program would keep going. I want to report more. I want to tell more stories. The support I had and the story I was able to tell put more fuel in the fire. I’m not going to lie, everyday was challenging and I was exhausted, but I woke up wanting to do more.

I was able to produce my story not only in English, but also in Spanish. It was an idea I was nervous to even pitch because I wasn’t sure my editors or mentors would want to jump on. However, I am so glad they did. They helped guide me into what it means to be a bilingual reporter and grow my skills in both languages. I was thinking of leaving bilingual media for a while, but this program helped me grow that passion again. This program showed me the importance of telling stories again, not just in one language but in multiple languages.

I came into this project questioning my skills and journalistic abilities despite all the experience I did have. I was worried my pitch was weak, but what this program has shown me is to trust my gut. I learned more about myself, and the reason I was able to is because my mentor and editors brought it out of me. This program helped shape me as a reporter but more so as a person. I can accomplish more than I expected I could.